2 different header colors - page & blog

Hi and good day,

On our homepage we use a 3rd-party blog.

The post titles are set by the blog.

But the subtitles (H2…) inside the posts are obviously set by the Foundry theme → 2 different colors.

See the page please.

How can I change the font color (and maybe also the font itself, I have Roboto assigned to Typeface 3 - waiting) of those subtitles so they all are blue (#3175d1)?

(I’ve watched: Typeface Documentation - Foundry )

I tried to add some custom css for the titles, but this didn’t work:

h1,h2,h3,h4 {color: #3175D1;}

then also added:
h1.blog-entry-title {color: #3175D1;}

because there is

The page is: LivBlog

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar KN