8th Foundry project by Jan Fuellemann - Physiotherapy and ergotherapy

##Physio- und Ergotherapiepraxis Dinkler

A short while ago a friend approached me. He is the owner of a doctor’s office, and his team members told him to finally get a website up and running. He asked me - and how could I say no to such a challenge? Here is the result :slight_smile:


nice looking site and I like the way you organized the huge amount of content! nothing beats accordions! :wink:

I noticed one image missing at the bottom of this page: Ergotherapie in Lengede | Orthopädie, Neurologie, Psychatrie, Burn-Out Coaching
but it shows when I open just the image link in a new tab: https://physio-ergotherapiepraxis-dinkler.de/ergotherapie/files/card_image_topper_1558.jpg

Thanks, the site is public now.