A blog post on the main page of my website.


I would like to display a blog post on a section of my main page like “summaries” do it with the “Read Mode” button but without “Prev” and “Next”. I tried to use the “Blog Entries” stack but it’s more of a diversion than intended use if I’m not mistaken?

What’s the right solution? This is an important feature for me.

Thank you very much for your help.


A single post displayed in this way is not a feature of Alloy. Adding summaries to the Recent Posts stack is a feature request that some users have made and will likely be a part of a future update. Currently though what you’re wanting to do isn’t obtainable at this time.

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Hello Adam,
Thank you so much for your fast answer.
I will manage that “manually” as I don’t have yet a lot of posts. I hope that it will become someday a feature of Alloy.
So, again, that for your answer and for all the stacks you provide to us that are easy to use and make our lives a lot easier for making modern and ergonomic websites.