A few helpful design resources

As I’ve been doing some test layouts the past couple of days I needed some stock content, images, etc. and discovered a few resources that I thought I’d share in the event they help others out.


This first site offers a large assortment of free 3D shapes. They come is a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. I could imagine these being super fun to use in conjunction with the Gravitate stack.

Link: https://www.shapefest.com/


I’ve been using this site to make some fun gradient backgrounds for banners on some Foundry test pages. You can create random designs with your custom color choices, or choose from some pre-made backgrounds.

When you download your image it will be a PNG file, so before using it as a Banner or Backdrop in Foundry be sure to re-save it as a JPG in your image editing software and then compress it using something like the TinyPNG / TinyJPG site.

Link: https://meshgradient.in

Wicked Backgrounds

Wicked Backgrounds is sort of in the same arena as MESH•Y, mentioned above. It allows you to generate different backgrounds using a series of controls. Instead of gradients though it creates sectioned color blocks. The output is in SVG or PNG, so again if you go the PNG route be sure to re-save is as a JPG and compress it. Some real potential for beautiful banner backgrounds here I think.

Link: Create beautiful SVG backgrounds for your UI designs.


Since we’re on the topic of dressing things up with nice graphics, I thought I’d also share this easy to use tool for creating nice screenshots. I’ve not put this one to use yet, but I can see myself using it in the future for sure. Drop your screenshot of a product in to the drop zone and use the provided controls to customize the look and feel of the screenshot’s environment.

Link: https://pika.rishimohan.me

Have any suggestions for good resources like this that you use in your daily web development workflow?


There is a nice free website to select colors which are working well together:

Of course Envato Elements for all kind of graphic ressources. It is not free, but if you do earn some money by web-development, the price is a no-brainer. You get access to the foto library from Twenty20 as well. These Fotos come with a model release as well for commercial use.

Blind text: the usual lorem ipsum

And finally, current social media image sizes:


Nothing to contribute, but many thanks for sharing this Adam