A Few More Websites Made in Foundry

I am having so much fun with Foundry. I’ve been upgrading websites in content and design and even trying to keep it simple - never easy. Here are a few websites updated from older templates into Foundry. Still got to get a few SSLs…soon.

My Environmental Portfolio Website - with a few animated SVGs

Sustainable Development Website - one for more input in near future

Blues musician and songwriter - one page scroller

Boray Portfolio website - bit heavy to load but I like the pics :smile:


What stack are you using to display “Projects” in the My Environmental Portfolio with? It is a horizontal tab type stack, but I was not aware that it was in Foundry. What stack is used for the “Timeline” showing employment and education?
Nice site

Thanks @IdahoSAM. Both stacks are from 1LD - the simple tabs and responsive timeline.

@elixirgraphics also makes a timeline stack. I’ve used it here - Find out more about Acme Museum Services and Hamish MacGillivray

Thanks for the input. It’s always amazing to see what can be built with various stacks. @Rob how do you get get that look of a wire bound margin on your website? I like that kind of look, but have never known how to do it. I discovered I had the Elixirgraphics timeline stack but have never used as yet. It seems that when I see the actual stack being used by others in their creative ways, stacks seem “different”. :slight_smile:

The wirebound image is the result of hours of coding and hard work.

More seriously, it’s one of the built in options of the theme I used for that site - Notepad. It was one of Henk’s old themes, taken over by Will Woodgate - Note Pad RapidWeaver Theme | ThemeFlood.

Henk made great themes.


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Great sites. How do you get the banner to stay fixed as the text moves in the sustainable development site? Also loved the way the text comes in on the banner in the environmental portfolio site. Is that with the foundry stacks? Thank you!

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Hi @alarkin,
There is an option to Lock the image in the Banner settings hud.


Hi @alarkin, Many thanks. The sites are all made with @egomade templates. I am just a user :grinning:

The text in the environmental portfolio website is made using Reveal Pro, a stack that is part of the excellent thunder pack foundry add-ons.

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Thank you so much! I love the egomade templates - my problem is that I can’t upgrade to RW 7 - upgrading my OS to 10.11 will make half of my other programs obsolete. Are there any templates compatible with RW 6?

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I am afraid I don’t know. I use RW7 and RW8.

Hi @alarkin I don’t think there are any templates/projects for RW6.
Portable Documents were only introduced since RapidWeaver 7. On RapidWeaver 7+ you can choose to store resources inside your RapidWeaver document, that was not the case before and this functionality is a must to ship these project files so that the design can be intact when opening the project on different machines.

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