A few questions about Alloy

  1. Is it possible to change the Editor password afterwards??
  2. Can Alloy be moved from one domain to another?
  3. If not, how do I transfer changes made by Alloy?

Yes. You use the same exact method you used when creating your initial password. The original password setup procedure is covered in the Quick Start video:

When uploading images with your Editor the URLs for those images in your Blog Posts and Embeds are formed based on the Editor’s location on your server. These URLs are absolute URLs. If your Editor is running on the domain mywebsite.com the image URLs that are created will point to that domain. If you move your blog to another domain, say myawesomenewwebsite.com, those URLs remain pointing to mywebsite.com. You’d need to leave the images on the previous domain, or move them and manually edit the URLs in the Posts and /or Embeds.

Ok. Thank you.

Alloy is a great program. You have done a grait job!

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