A few questions regarding Alloy

I now only make sites in Foundry
I have just bought Alloy 3 and so far fab.
Im trying to learn whats what.
I bought it as a way for my client and I to add notes etc to a site we are building, rather than endless emails of updated text pages I thought we could both just go into our Alloy posts and update text and thoughts that way.

I now realize I would like to create a Recipe section of the site using Alloy also. This would mean my client could add to a growing sortable list of recipies on the published site.

I cant quite figure out how to do this… ie only show certain blog items on a page.

Im a little confused between the diference between droplet and embed… but think neither is the correct solution… its more a blog page only containing recipes. Next question … if I made that page with 9 different recipies (and growing) could I link from home page to a certain group … for example a button that said Pink Food … take me to just the selected recipies of Pink Food.

That is, in my view, a strange use for a blogging tool, but whatever works for you.

I’d encourage you to look at “Category Only Mode” in the Blog Entries stack. I suspect this would accomplish what you’re wanting to do. It is talked about in the Documentation for the Blog Entires stack toward the bottom of the page: Blog Entries Documentation

They are not likely what you’d want for what you’ve described.

I’d encourage you to watch the tutorial videos for these, on their respective Documentation pages, to get an idea of what they are and how they work:

Embeds: Embed content in your RapidWeaver site using Alloy's Embeds

Droplets: Data Droplets are a powerful way to control your site from the Alloy Editor

Yes, you can link to a Category. For instance – on the Foundry blog (Foundry Blog) you can click on a category for a post. You’ll notice this post has a Category of “Stacks”:

If you click on that “Stacks” link you’ll be taken to this URL


You can use this link anywhere on your site and it will take you to the Stacks category listing.

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