A Little Christmas wish for Alloy

hi @elixirgraphics

is it possible that you can add the character and word counter also for the summary in the alloy-blog editor? as a small christmas update for alloy… :blush:?
I use the summary very often. but unfortunately i never know how long the text is or how many characters i already have …

the feature would be very helpful as i would always have a same length summary or description for my blog.

I hope it is not too much work and you still find time to implement this. it would be a really very nice christmas gift :innocent:

thx and regards

I’m working toward a goal of finishing a big project right now, so Christmas would be out of the question unfortunately. And I’ll be honest – the next updates for Alloy would likely get rolled into a larger update most likely. I know this is the opposite of what you want to hear, but I definitely want to be upfront about it.


that doesn’t matter… “big project” presents are of course much better ^^