A more complex setup question for Alloy


I would like the POSTS folder in the main root of my clients website. All other pages are in two folders. DE for the german content, EN for the english content.

But the Blog posts will remain the same for both languages.

So one Blog page will be part of the DE folder, one will be part of the EN folder. But both should point to the POSTS folder in the main root.

Right now I can not specify a complete URL to the POSTS folder, only specify a name.

Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you,

The posts folder is placed very specifically so that you can insert a Blog Entries stack on multiple pages in your site and it will still access the same posts folder, as long as you use the same folder name with the Alloy Control Center on each of those blog pages.

This is by design. You cannot specify a full URL as the stack places the posts folder exactly where it needs it to be and where it will be looking for it. This way all of the stacks can access it. This allows you though, like I said, to use the Blog Entries stack on multiple pages and point them to the same posts folder.

If you’ve not already experimented and tried this, do so.

The same posts should be available for the “de” as well as for the “en” directory. The “posts” and “editor” folder are currently set within the “de” folder, but the posts should be accessible from the “en” folder as well…

Please don’t say how the stack should work. The stack is working the way it is designed to work, which is purposeful.

Are the de and en folders separate project files or are they both being created by the same project file?

Hi Adam,

thanks :slight_smile: The “de” and “en” folders are separate project files. This is the way I set up multi-language projects for my clients. The contents do not change frequently, so it is easier to do changes in both, then to set up a more complex single project with different languages.

That said, Alloy works as promised. I was just wondering if there is a way to get the same blog articles from one project to the other without having to create them two times.

That is the problem. To do what you’re wanting to do the two blogs will need to be in the same project. Separate project files should not be accessing the blog posts of one another and are purposefully relegated to accessing the posts on their own project file. You can have both blogs, in the same project file however access that project file’s posts folder.

No, and there won’t be. It is meant to be separate on purpose.

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Jan: I know this isn’t what you really want but … one possibility is to use the very nice “download all posts” option within the Editor for one version and then FTP the new ones to the other relevant folder. (This is assuming you create, in the end, 2 different folders.) Not automatic for sure, but pretty darn easy thanks to that “download all posts” very cool option Adam has provided.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll do that or just drag and drop the .md files from one project posts folder to the other via ftp.

One thing I find strange, IMHO, is that two projects, with two different languages would want to share one blog with one language. Wouldn’t it be best to have two different blogs and create posts for each in the appropriate languages? Just my 2 cents.

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Yes, it would. But most of his blog posts are in English, whereas the general description etc. is in German. So we will see more english blog posts on the german side :slight_smile: But I talk to him and see if he can translate them now, as he is starting a new project with according blog entries…