Ability to disable right-click in Bloom stack images

Adam, Is there a way to disable the right-click in a bloom stack image like other stacks so people cant “save as” images?


No, sorry, that isn’t something bloom is capable of. That said, I’ll be honest, if someone wants a copy of your image all they need do is screenshot it. Nothing, outside of a watermark is going to do much to protect from that unfortunately. Disabling the contextual menu on right-click is just one of those things that “keeps honest people honest,” so-to-speak.

I get that, however, the site I am currently developing is for a photographer and they are anal about the ability to “right-click”. I have explained to her but she is pushing me. As long as I know the capabilities I will find a way to get her past it. Thanks Adam :slight_smile:

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It might be worth teaching her command-shift-4 (if she uses a Mac) so she directly “experiences” how incredibly easy it is to “download” an image. This whole persuit she’s on is the digital equivalent of Don Quixote. Great book, but fruitless practical path.


I’m a photographer, and I’ve accepted that by the time the image is displayed in the browser, it’s already been downloaded into the user’s browser cache. Any Gallery stack that suggests any kind of image protection is going to be easily defeated by anyone who wants to.

I post images resized to 50%, and quality to 80% - fine for screen display, but not for much else. Customers get full size, full res images.