About fullscreen YouTube videos on Foundry site

Hello Adam,
I have a problem to view YouTUbe videos concerning Foundry 3 on the Elixir site with Safari and this on OSX and iOS: Each time when I try to switch to full screen mode the video disappears leaving the top of the page visible website. The sound continues to play. I specify that I only have this problem with the videos presenting Foundry 3, But if I access it via Youtube everything works fine.

Yeah, I do have the same issues.

I experience the same problem in Safari (16.3)
In Firefox no problem

That would be the browser’s rendering of the player. I do not have any control over that. I’ve got a playlist of just Foundry 3 videos on YouTube, so if that works better for you give them a watch there.

Thanks for your answer, all your videos works fine on Youtube, but may be a problem with your new video stack and Safari because legacy video about Foundry 2 works fine on your web site, the problem occurs only with your Foundry 3 videos on you website. No problems with others Youtube videos.
May be a z-index solution ?

I am not seeing the issue. I have OSX 13.2 and Safari 16.3 on a Mac Studio. Nor is it an issue on my iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.3

@beretrouge Please show me a screenshot so I know what you’re seeing.

I do see this problem also. Not really a “problem” for me as I would just use the YT playlist.

This is what I do: I click play, then I click on ful screen button in bottom right corner. Then the screen goes white. Now it’s changed … I click the full screen button and I see the original page (before I clicked full screen with shot of the video) but video is clearly playing in the background. … so it’s the full screen built in YouTube button that’s leading to some chaos.

Hard to provide a useful screenshot as either the screen turns pure white OR it looks just like the page did before you activated the YT video.

At any rate here’s before and after screenshots. Before:

and after pressing YT full screen button:

Notice the X for closing video is still in top right but does nothing.

Issue with macOS 12.6.3 - Safari 16.3 on MacBook pro.

I have Safari Version 16.3 (18614., MacOS 13.2, MacBookAir M1.

A little movie FullScreenPB.mp4.zip (1.1 MB)

I’ve been able to recreate something similar to what you’re showing there @beretrouge – This definitely seems to be related specifically to Safari. I’ll be including a change in the next update that works here for me, but I’d like to get a few more eyes on it, so I’ve republished this page with the update: Toolbox

Safari still treats the video differently than other browsers when making it full-screen. It seems to consider the shadow and such as part of the video as where other browsers do not, but only upscale the video itself. Again seems like a Safari bug, but I don’t know if I can trick Safari into doing the right thing or not.

That works fine for me (not that I’d come across the issue before) :+1:

Ventura 13.2 / Safari 16.3

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Works fine for me too !! Thanks a lot Adam.
But how do you explain this appears only with your Foundry 3 videos ?

It was because of the placement of the embed when the lightbox was triggered. It as appended to the page instead of being prepended to the page. Safari apparently is incapable of handling it at the bottom of the page, unlike other more capable browsers. :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

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Thanks a lot Adam.
Et bravo pour votre travail.