Accessing Anchor within an Accordion

Hi all,
I’ve a question: How do I get a link that is linked to an anchor to go to an Accordion item and ‘unroll’ that item when the user clicks the link that takes them to that Accordion item?

I’ve a link on my homepage that goes to another page on my site and to an anchor on that 2nd page. The anchor is inside of an Accordion Item.

I’m using both Foundry Accordion and Potion Pack Anchor

Thx for the help :smiley:

Hi @aragorn7773 – An anchor link will only take you to a specific portion of the page. Anchor links don’t have a way to force the accordion to open. You’d have to write your own specific javascript to do that particular task as that is not what anchor links are designed or equipped to do.

Ok, good to know. Thx Adam

Not a problem, glad to help. :slight_smile: