Accordion in Partial?

Macos Ventura 13.2
RWC9.1.1, Stacks4.2?, Foundry

Using Accordion my question is about a workaround for my little problem:

My Accordion stack (just a list of links) is placed in a footer partial, so far so good.

But the HTML Area (for the visual title) must be edited outside the Partial.

This means that the title is not ‘carried over’ to every footer on the site, instead, it gives only “Accordion Title”.

So the advantage of a Partial is not there in this case.

How to work around this problem?

Is there maybe a better Foundry stack for this usage?

Does the Foundry update offer alternatives?

Included a screendump


with best regards,
Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

Anyone who encounters this problem of the stack inside a Partial, could just use the Collapsible script &CSS from W3Schools

How To Create a Collapsible