Accordion Title Spacing

Hi there -

Does anyone know where I can find what I need to change to adjust the spacing under an Accordion title? Currently I have the text sitting higher than central in the bar.

I’m just not that clever!


Hi there @labanbrown – if you can provide us with a URL to the page you’re referring to that would help out a great deal. Also, have you applied any formatting to the Accordion title bar text in any way?


I can’t share the URL sadly as the site is on lockdown until launch by the client. However I can confirm that I used the standard Accordian stack but I have used TotalCMS text within the title block (rather than just text so it can be changed if required) but don’t think would affect it would it?

Have you tried creating a new Accordion without the TotalCMS Text, but instead with normal plain text? If so, what were your results?


Seems to be okay with just ‘normal’ text. Now that’s odd since fundamentally it’s just plain text isn’t it?


It is doubtful that the TotalCMS is just plain text. It has to have a wrapper of some type I suspect so that the CMS can identify it. Inserting that into the Accordion title bar is going to disrupt the CSS styling of the title bar. Probably better to go with plain text.

Hi - I’m thinking I could reduce the padding under the text. Can you point me as to where to find that to try it?

Thanks v. much

That would be related to the Total CMS text, not Foundry.

Which TCMS macro are you using? (i.e. if you happen to be using %cmsTextFormat(cmsid)% instead of %cmsText(cmsid)%, that may be bringing in some styling. %cmsText(cmsid)% should just be plain text)

I guess another thing to check is that you don’t have some Font Pro setting in there as well, maybe?

I’ve never used TCMS, so I am just guessing: perhaps the text stack you are using has an option to remove bottom margin/padding? Many stacks do have that option.

That’s a good shout. I tried just %cmsText(cmsid)% but that made no difference so I’ll check out Font Pro and see if there’s anything is there.