Adam's Documentation Page

Hours passing playing with Foundry 3. In view of the changes in the Navigation Bar I will probably have to use modals or something else if I rebuild my sites. This is because my menus contain a lot of items. Also looking at Partitions which I never used in Foundry 2. Could someone please give me kick start and tell me which stacks Adam is using in his left hand menu section of his lovely Documentation page. Thanks

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I bet he’s using Headers for the main headings and List Group for the navigation items.


Many thanks. Not a stack I remember using but think I will be now. :grin:

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List Group now combines what it did before, along with what Vertical Navigation accomplished in Foundry 2. The two tools were very similar so they became one in Foundry 3.

Be sure to look at the “Flush” setting in List Group when making your nav.

Thank you. Am experimenting but results nothing like yours yet. I know you have other videos to do but please consider a new one for Partitions.

Partitions will be one I likely do, but that won’t cover what you’re after I don’t think. Watch this video. Trust me… List Group

And maybe even watch the Off Canvas tutorial, too. Then apply those learnings to Partitions. :wink:

It is if you have launched a glider from the top of high hill. I am starting to fly. The magic words were Off Canvas. Now making great progress and can see this as the way forward for my large menus. Many thanks.