Add a button to the Hover Image stack?

Hi all,

I wondered if it’s possible to add a button to the Hover Image stack? I’d like to position a ‘MORE’ button under the header and caption. Can’t see how to do it, though.

any thanks,


Hey there @Rob – Sorry, that isn’t an option of the Hover Image stack. It would need to be restructured to handle having a drop zone within it and wouldn’t work great in some situations. This is why the approach that I used was taken.

What if you put the code for a bootstrap button into the caption text field?

I didn’t publish, but it seemed to work in Preview when I used:

<a href="#" class="btn btn-info" role="button">MORE</a>


Really good suggestion.

Nice idea but in the end I’ve gone with Sections and Sections BOX and that seems to do the trick.