Adding a pattern to either side of the content

I would like to add a very lite pattern to either side of my basic content. Is there a stack for that?

Thank you!


I should have said that I an using Foundry.

I think what you mean is a background to the site, but if you can give us some examples of what you mean, it’ll be easier to understand.

Yes, thank you – a background. In my site using Foundation, I set a background in one place (site styles) and it worked for all stacks.

Now in my redo using Foundry, I tried using the Container stack but that put a background on the whole page. So I added a white background to each individual stack and that worked somewhat in that now I had a background outside my content. But I had to do that for each stack. So I was looking for a single solution.

I hope that is clear.


You can set the page background in the foundry control center.

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Thank you. I started there. Both an image and a color show on the Foundry CC stack in edit mode but not on the actual page when I go to preview mode. There must be another setting that I messed up somewhere perhaps in the first Container stack. I will look more closely in the morning.

Thank you for your help.


If you have set the container to edge-to-edge then it will cover the background. So perhaps this was the case?

Which of these are you trying to accomplish?

The second one.

Thank you!

In both examples I’ve set a background image for the Site Background via the Control Center. In the second example I’ve used a Container stack to set a max-width for the content, and then, within that placed a Margins stack to set some padding around the content. And the last bit that sets it apart – the white background – is simply a background color added to the Margins stack. You could get fancier though and use a Backdrop stack from the Potion Pack to add nice gradients, etc. You’d just place the Margins stack in it instead of applying a color to Margins itself.

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Thank you. I will try all of what you suggested.

And thanks to everyone for your interest and responses.


Regarding the size of such a background image:

Is it possible to use a 64 * 64px image and then let it multiply (somehow?), or what minimal size?


The two examples I showed above both use a tiled background. Your tile image can be any size you like.


Here are my two examples in a test project file if anyone wants it: Home • Droplr

Not being the end of the world, but when I add a tiled image to the Foundry Control Center, my Yuzool Navigation goes bonkers .

@OmarKN I don’t know if there’s a solution for this but no developer can guarantee their product will work with ALL other developer products. Generally there’s no problem with Foundry and other stacks but sometimes there can be. In addition, Yuzool seems to have not been active as a developer. And when he was active there were usually some problems with his stacks playing well with others (this is not a Foundry thing). So in some ways this is not a surprising finding.

Perhaps Adam will have a super easy fix for you, but my guess is you may need to use a Foundry navigation stack (there are several of them) in this situation.


Well yes, agree.
Thank you.

I don’t own this stack, so I can’t test it here. If you want to send me an email and include the stack, and your project file, so I can test the problem I’d be glad to take a look. I can’t promise it will be something that is fixable on my end though.