Adding an audio file to website

I would like to add an audio file to my website created with RapidWeaver, Foundry. How can I do it?

You can’t really do it with RW and Foundry alone. I assume you want people to be able to play the audio on your website (i.e. not just download the audio).

I’d suggest:


or if you have several audios you want in a playlist:

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And have a look at Boom:

Which is easy to setup and use if you just want to play some audio.

Or try the plain HTML5 way:


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Thank you all for your answers!

I would purchase one of those stacks if I had more than just one audio to put on my website.

In the end I decided to go for the simplest code I found in this forum:

I put it in an html stack (the original audio file I put in Resources of Rapid Weaver). I added “center” so it is in the middle. I have almost no coding experience, but it worked.