Adding Attribution info to images

I tend to use a lot of free images. I like to add attribution to the photographer of the image. This normally follows the format of:

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

The name of the person and Pexels are hyper linked.

Normally I would add this onto the image itself, but with background images and parallax effects the attribution is often not seen.

I was wondering how the rest of you do it?

I’m looking for a simple way that I could possible template (partial?) to quickly add this info to a banner, image, etc.

Many thanks


Hello @svsmailus,

You could create a specific page hidden from the Main Menu and place your link in the Footer to the page with those attributions, all in one place, images, icons, etc…



Here is an example for websites. It’s like @egomade stated, an attribute page specific to the tools and resources used for that site.


Although the idea would work, I would then need to create a more detailed list of which photo goes with which photographer. I was hoping for a simple way to just add a kind of footer to the photo.


You would just add the photos to the attribution page with the attribution itself next to the photo.


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