Adding colon into the author field makes the website crash

Hi there. I’m having this problem with Alloy. As one adds a colon into the “author field” when creating or editing a blog post, the website simply crashes. I mean, it stops loading. The browser shows only a blank page. The only solution is to manually remove the “.md” file from the posts folder on the server. We need to use comas on that field due to our credit policy (Autor’s name + Via: + publication’s name). Any advice?

The author field was not designed to have a colon in the author field as colons are not used in names. The author field was designed for a name only.

I’m currently in the middle of a large update for Foundry but once that is eventually completed and released I’ll be working on some other updates for Alloy and the other addon packs for Foundry. When I do I can take a look at this. That said though the author field is only meant for the author’s name. Adding the other content in there will definitely cause a problem.