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another newbie question here. I have a bunch of company logo’s from firms I’ve consulted for that I want to put under a “clients” section of my site.

I really like the look of “slider” stack to flip randomly through the logos. The problem is that the logos all have different sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios, causing the page to jump back and forth from logo to logo.

How can I adjust this to keep everything stable, with each logo taking the same amount of space, or at least not causing the page to jump up and down with each new image?

Should I do some adjustments to the logos themselves (some are from press/media kits, others simple screen grabs) to a certain size/resolution, or is there some way in RW/Foundry to automagically scale/adapt each logo to a fixed space?


Perhaps someone more advanced would like to answer, but I’ll give ago being fastest now…

Foundry / Potion Pack / Card deck gives the option to align content.
The problem will be that your logo-images size varies. It sounds like that even content would be at the same level, it might look unbalanced.

I am afraid image editing will be needed. If you are using screen capture to take images of logos, you could try to pre-edit them to be ‘the same size’ and then drive them trough as a batch to the final size you need for your web page.

Best bet here is the simplest one… create your images to be the same shape and size. Use whitespace around the logos, depending on their shapes to make sure each is the same size.

Thanks for all the tips!

That’s what I figured, barring a stack that would automatically scale things for me, each image will have to be adjusted manually to display at the same size.

In the end, this is the better method honestly. Plus you can also take an extra step when you’re sizing the images to make sure they’re all the correct resolutions, etc as well as to run them through something like to compress them a bit.

I use Logoist for this task all the time. It’s quick and easy to drop all your logos on top of each other and “hide” all but one. Export it, then hide the current and unhide another logo, export, etc… Repeat until finished. What used to take so long now takes minutes. :grinning:

Thanks! Great little app there.

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