Adjust size of the custom logo

I want to use a custom logo in the nav bar. So I choose custom logo for branding. But it is to small when published. Is there a way to adjust its size ?

Hi there @bartvosters – Are you saying it is smaller than it shows in Preview Mode once published, or something else? A link to the live URL will help in diagnosing it.

As you can see : the logo is too small. I want it bigger. The navigation height is set to the maximum.

You won’t be able to make it larger than the Navigation Bar’s logo container. The logo cannot get larger expand beyond that. I was hoping to see the live URL for the page though so I could check your image out as well. If you want to post the original logo image here, or send along the URL I will have a look.

this is the one I use

So that image has a lot of empty space around the actual logo as you can see here in this Photoshop window:

If you were to crop the image closer, eliminating that empty space in your image, your logo will appear larger in the Navigation Bar.

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thanks for the advice. It’s better now… is the site

No problem! That’s what community is for, right?! Looking nice!

… good answer Adam, make perfectly sense.

Seems very limiting…can I put a banner above the NavBar to show a logo? Something like this:

It is your site design you can do whatever you like @raymackt, that is the beauty of modular layout like Stacks offers.

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