After Foundry update Mega menu links stopped working

I am using the mega menu stack. This morning I installed a Foundry update. Since then my mega menu links don’t work anymore (dead links). I have to say that I am not using the “Page” option when setting up my links; but the URL option. All other links on my project pages work as normal; however it’s only the mega menu links that are now dead links. @elixirgraphics can you please assist. Thanks.

We’ll need both a live URL to the problem as well a your project file to be able to help.

Thanks for your offline support. After changing back to Stacks v4.04 the links are working. Sorry, I thought it was a Foundry problem as that was the only update I remembered doing today.

Not a problem. Like I mentioned in our emails, be sure to file your bug report with YourHead Software, along with the items I mentioned.

Already done :+1: Will update this post when I hear back.

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