Aligning picture and text

Dear all
With much pleasure I am building my website with foundry. But I can’t find out how to make text align with an image. I know the function in columns (advanced: Equel Height columns) but this seems not to work. Can anybody help ?
I have a 2 row column with in the first row a picture and in the second a paragraph. But they are not aligning at all. See picture

Hi @frein – The columns themselves are equal in height, but the stack cannot force the content within the columns to be equal in height, it can only affect its own column height. If you wish to post a link to a ZIP file that contains your project file I’ll be glad to have a look at it, but I suspect the above is the case.

Thank you very much for making that clear. this is definitely the case.
How can I force the content to fill the column ? For instance that the font automatically gets bigger so it fills the column height?

That isn’t something the Columns stack, or any other stack in Foundry is capable of. IMHO you don’t want the text sizing up and down depending on the breakpoint.

Thank you. Sizing up text isn’t pretty, I agree.
I just found out that center vertically contents just didn’t show in preview but works fine in the browser. And it looks good! Problem solved :blush:

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Good to hear you got a result that you’re happy with! :smiley:

Somehow contents do not center vertically on my iPad. Weather I use safari or chrome, they don’t…

Hey there again @frein – If you’d like to post a link to the page you’re talking about, as well as point out the section of the page you’re having trouble with specifically, I’d be glad to take a look. Also, a project file will help me immensely in troubleshooting your problem.

Thank you again, Adam. I think it has something to do with IOS 8. Contents were correctly centred on another iPad with newer IOS