All of my Foundry sites went crazy

Hi Adam - I went to make a new site and things were acting very funny… I sometimes bring in other stacks from the outside (minimally, but it happens) and things were not acting ‘appropriately’. Simple things, like trying to have a stack centered on the page wouldn’t work. I was getting frustrated, wondering if it was me (it’s been a while and I’m wired to by the ‘use it or lose it’ ethos :slight_smile: so I went and opened an older website from last year and it too is a mess - this time not even including many 3rd part y stacks. If any client asks me to make some changes, I’m screwed. I know there have been updates to Foundry, and I recently updated to Catalina - I do it late to avoid this kind of issue. Still using RW 7. In case it helps, I’m sending you a link to the project file along with the link to the published website. This is all massively crazy - just when I was almost getting comfortable it’s turned into the Twilight Zone / Exorcist for me. Hope you can help!

Hi Robert, I think it might help to switch to RW8.
Hope you can solve your issues.


Good morning @Robert – May I ask what version of Stacks you’re using specifically? I ask because what I glean from your limited description is that is sounds like something to do with with the layout in Edit Mode, which Stacks itself handles and Foundry does not control.

You might, if you’re not already, try updating to the very latest version of Stacks. Also after installing updates, like Foundry, always be sure to quit and restart RapidWeaver.

Side note: I opened your project file and had no problems with it here. I’m using RW 8.7 and Stacks 4.1.2 myself. My guess is going to be that it has to do with the version of Stacks you’re using. I’m curious to see what version you’ve got installed.

Stacks 4.12 Things are better (not perfect) but I rebooted / tried the file out in RW8 - need to do some more ‘experimenting’ but currently in the middle of my 12 hour teaching day. Just wanted to respond :slight_smile: Have a great Thanksgiving - hopefully I’ll know more over the long weekend. At least I don’t feel like I’m careening over a cliff anymore!

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If you keep having those problems be sure to reach out to YourHead Software. Have a nice holiday as well!