Alloy 3 embedding

just started using Alloy V3. When I create an embed, I can see the file in the correct folder on the server.
When I drag the stack to the page, the stack doe not display the filename of the .md

When I view the page I get: ATTENTION: The file does not exist.

Any idea what could be the problem?

I’ll need your project file and a live URL to the page to troubleshoot your problem. Please send a ZIP file containing your project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If it is larger than 3-4mb you’ll need to send it using We Transfer, Dropbox, or a similar service.

Are you running Stacks v4.1 by chance? I suspect there might be a bug in that version of stacks that is breaking the Embed drag-and-drop.

Hi Adam
I just sent you the file and Url. let me know if you can access the file


I believe this is a Stacks v4.1.x bug. Reverting to v4.0 will fix it for now until @Isaiah has a chance to look over the bug. You can download Stacks v4.0.0 here: Stacks

Hmm I did update to Stacks 4.1.1 today. But I do not know whether this is still an issue.


Not sure what you mean @TomS2.

reverted to stacks 4.04 republished all files. The file name is now displayed on the stack. New error message: ATTENTION: The file does not exist.

If you use the url in the error message, the file downloads…


Did you delete and replace the Embed on your page after reverting to Stacks v4.0? If not you should do so and then Republish All Files.

recreated the embed and republished

Can you email me a link to your Editor page along with login info?

the email is on the way…

Your embeds are being created with a http:// prefix instead of an https:// prefix. Since your site is using the secure https:// prefix the non-secure prefix will not work. I suspect this has something to do with your hosting setup. I’ll need to dig deeper though.

I’ve just sent you an email with a test version of Alloy to see if I can have Alloy better detect the page prefix to get around finicky setups.

I republished the files to a different server, everything works, at least on stacks 4.04

The problem lies with Cloudflare, using their service for https in the most likely culprit breaking embeds.

Thanks for the help tracking down the problem

Give the test version I sent over a try and lets see if we can’t stick it to CloudFlare! :wink:

PS - Thanks for working with me on this!

PPS - I’ve always hate CloudFlare! :confounded::rofl:

Good news! Looks like @scubaidc and I got this CloudFlare thing fixed. I’l include this corner case fix in the next update.

Thanks Adam for the awesome fast response to my problem, I really appreciate the work together to solve the problem

Alloy 3 rocks…

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It looks like Isaiah has pushed out Stacks v4.1.2 which fixes the bug in Stacks that broke the drag-and-drop embeds.

Good morning Adam
thanks for the update, I installed Stacks v4.1.2, republished everything and created a new embed…

Thank you Isaiah and Adam, everything works great now…

It is a pleasure fixing problems with the support and speed you helped out…