Alloy 3 - Layout Four issue with columns

I’m loving Alloy 3, the new functionality is really great and it makes for a good looking blog. I was trying to follow the Categories List video, adding columns and putting the blog entries on the left and categories list on the right. One little thing I noticed was that with Blog Entries set to Layout Four I always saw the categories list move below the blog entries on the page. Changing to Layout Five worked just like the video. Maybe it is something peculiar in my setting somewhere. Is this a bug, or is Layout Four just not intended for a column layout?

Can you send me a ZIP file containing your project file so I can have a look at this? I have another update going out today so if I can fix this at the same time that would be ideal. Email it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com and if it is larger than say 3-4mb please send it via WeTransfer or Dropbox or a similar service.

Thanks for your project file! I think I narrowed in on the problem. Going to do a few tests and fix this right up. Should be in an update today.

Just have to make sure I get it right. The Layouts are pretty complex.

Thanks very much for the quick response Adam - much appreciated.

Quick question – when you were testing, how many blog entries were you using for the test when the Categories column was wrapping underneath the blog content?

There were only 4 posts. I’d cleared out the old website and had just re-created a few posts.

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Thanks. Just want to make sure to recreate it the same way here for final testing. (Believe it or not that really helped. I’d fixed it for all instances I’d tested, but some how just missed testing for exactly four, and found I needed one last tweak!)


The Alloy update I just pushed out, v3.0.2, should address this bug.