Alloy and Comments Stacks

Hi, is anyone using alloy and comlentsstacks?

If so, how do you do it right that Commentstacks correctly assigns the comments to each blog post?

I’m not familiar with the CommentsStack you’re referring to, but I can tell you how it needs to work to be compatible with how Alloy works. It would need to be able to look at the URL and categorize the comments in its system based on the URL. This is how Disqus works, and why I suggest using Disqus for comments in your blog if you really need comments. In all honesty, many blogs nowadays forego commenting. But to each their own.

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@herbertkoeppel Have you talked to Will about this? I’ve used Comments in the past but I think it was only on regular pages, not a blog. So I don’t remember if it does work well with blogs … but Will’s the person to talk to.

I would be curious to hear whether it is possible for this stack to work with Alloy as well. If so that would be very cool.

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@mitchellm and @elixirgraphics
Same curiosity about Yabdab BackSnap stack

I’m not familiar with that stack. What does that one do? Is it also a commenting stack?

I just tested Comment stack with Alloy. It doesn’t seem to work. I.e. comments posted appear in every post.

If there is a way for this stack to be specific per post then that would be great. Not seeing a way to do it right now but there might be a simple code addition that would allow this. Hopefully @herbertkoeppel will talk to Will and a solution can be found.

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Hi Adam,
Yes, Backsnap lets add comments to any page.
You can see a working example here:
It needs a MySQL DB

Hmmm, I don’t think that one is offered any longer. I can’t seem to find it on the YabDab site.

Oops…Who knows why. It worked very well for me.

Not sure. But it was a good suggestion though. :+1:

As @mitchellm found out, CommentsStacks doesn’t work with Alloy. All comments appear with all blog entries. I think this is due to the database or the database that does not exist. CommentsStack only uses a simple TXT file to store the comments.

Even if you use a conditional stack from alloy and only use commentsstacks with SHOW: at full entry, all comments will still be displayed for all blog posts.

Agreed. I manage several sites with blogs, and only one bothers with comments nowadays and for every valid comment, there’s quite literally a thousand filtered out as spam. Just not worth it for the most part.

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Hi Adam, how does on add Disqus to Alloy (I can’t find this in the documentation).

Have a look here:

Wish there were other opportunities for comments in Alloy, which is free and ad-free.

Disqus is free I believe and support for it is built in to Alloy.

Disqus is free but has advertising.

Hyvor Talk should be free as well.

That said these services have overhead. That’s why they need to charge or have ads.

Hyvor Talk is free trial.