Alloy and Facebook

Hi, does Alloy allow Facebook comments integration?

Alloy does not have direct integration for comments. That said if you use the Conditionals stack you can setup comments using Disqus as Disqus uses the unique URL for the post as an identifier for the comments.

I’ve meant to make a video on doing this, but it has slipped by undone as of yet.

As for Facebook comments – I have never used them so I have no frame of reference to help out here. Perhaps someone like @mitchellm could let us know. He uses Alloy for blogging and is familiar with how Alloy can be used with Disqus – perhaps he might also have some experience with Facebook comments as well.

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@archie I do use Alloy and love it. But I don’t use Facebook at all (for Alloy and anything else) so I can’t be of help on this one! Disqus works very nicely though.

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@elixirgraphics @mitchellm I see, thank you, guys.