Alloy and RSS Feed Problem

Hello, I have a little problem with the RSS feed function from Alloy.

Before I used Alloy and the current RW, I also used the RSS Function with RW 5.x.x.

My blog posts are automatically added to the photosphere of KWERFELDEIN.DE (e.g. via the RSS feed. With RW 5.x.x. all went finde.

Since I have been using Alloy and have activated the RSS function via Alloy, my posts have always appeared there three times in den KWERFELDEIN.DE Photosphäre!

Where is the error?

I am a little confused @herbertkoeppel. None of the links you posted are using Alloy. The site seems to be a non-RapidWeaver site. Perhaps I’m just misunderstanding your problem.

Sorry for confusing you.

  • my Blog made with Alloy, is using the RSS Option which comes whit alloy
  • The is using the RSS Feed from various Blogs to display the new blog-posts from blogs such mine.

When I was still using Rapidweaver 5.x.x, I also used the RSS feature for the integrated blog function.

Blog post with the old Rapidweaver 5.x.x. made by me, then appeared only once on the Kwerfeldein website.
Since I started using Alloy and its RSS function, new blog posts from me on the Kwerfeldein website have appeared several times, usually three times.

And that’s just not right. Can I do something about it in Alloy?

Thanks for clarifying – that was definitely confusing. Without seeing your live site with the actual Alloy page it is going very hard to help out. Additionally, while you’re gathering stuff for testing, please send me a ZIP file containing your RapidWeaver project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com.


What do you mean by " “Without seeing your live site with the actual Alloy page it is going very hard to help out.” ? My Blog is online und is live here News & Blogs | Herbert Koeppel ???

What stuff do you need for testing?
In the meantime, the operators of the website have already noticed that my entries always appear three times in the feed.



Happy Sunday @herbertkoeppel

I thought I wouldn’t hear from you, it had been so long since my reply. I just loaded up your RSS feed in my feed reader and it is showing just one of each entry:

If you’d like to log into your FTP server and send me your rss.xml file from your blog folder I would be happy to look at it. Judging by the feed being read by my RSS reader though, there is only one entry per post. Send that XML file over though please and I’ll take a look. Put the XML file into a ZIP file and email it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

I received your RSS.XML file and opened it up. As I suspected there is only one entry in the feed per post. The feed is showing the latest 5 posts, as it is designed to do. Have a look at the screenshot at the bottom of this post. I’ve tagged each individual post with a number at the beginning of that post’s <item> tag in the feed.

Alloy is generating only one entry per post. I suspect the problem comes with how you’re trying to use the feed. The feed provides the most recent posts. RSS readers remember what posts have been imported and only bring in new posts. Whatever system you’re using for having your blog posts show on a different site is re-importing the entire feed instead of just reading the new post(s), I suspect. I can’t know since that isn’t my product though.

But, as I said, to set your mind at ease, click on and look at the screenshot below and you’ll see that there are not duplicate posts in your feed file.

When I was using the built-in blog function of Rapidweaver 5.3.2 on the old website, it worked perfectly.

Since I have been using the Alloy RSS function, the entries have always appeared three times - both in my RSS reader “Vienna” and in the blog RSS feed from Querfeldein.

The other blog authors who are represented there via RSS feed do not have the problem either.

Any parameter in the Alloy RSS file must cause the reader to read the last entry or the last changed entry again and again.

Which of you uses Alloy and its RSS function? Since my entries in RSS Reader always appear three times, I would like to subscribe to test feeds that have been made with Alloy and its RSS function.

Use this one:

Thank you, at the moment I only see your entries once.

My entries, however, are now a 2x in the reader again …
Although I only changed the text of the most recent entry …

Hello again,

if it were possible for you, could you subscribe to my feed?
Let’s see if you see the posts several times?

Thanks a lot…

I thought I might have a go at this. I subscribed using my RSS reader Leaf. Article appear once only in this case.

Only once:

But the entries often only appear more than once after some time …

Hi, But the entries often only appear more than once after some time …

Do you made you Blog und RSS Feed with Alloy?

I’ll monitor it and let you know if they do.

Yes, all using Foundry and Alloy. RSS is provided from Alloy, nothing else…

Now I see them twice: