Alloy - best way of working/saving?

I’ve now completed 2 alloy blogs for clients and its a great bit of software. However since starting with RW and having a few issues with links etc, failing at times when uploading just bits of the site (this is years, and years ago), I‘ve always tended to upload the whole site each time (luckly they are small sites) - for peace of mind. However, with alloy now being completed by the client (and having just cocked up and uploaded their whole site again after a lot of amendments, from my end) thus uploading the original blog page - doh!

I therefore need to put into practice a new way of working (for me at least).

I’m sure most will say, just upload the files that have changed (I use Fetch). Which is all well and good if I remember :upside_down_face: If I don’t, do I have any option/way of getting back whats been added to Alloy to rebuild/update the site back to the clients version? How do others go about keeping a check on where alloy is up to/and what the clients uploaded. Besides viewing it on a regualar basis. Any tips would be helpful.

Thanks Jon

Hi @Jonline

I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. Even if you re-upload your entire site, the posts folder, along with other content like uploaded images, etc should not be affected. Just don’t delete those folders.