Alloy Blog Editor not deleting topper pictures

I have a blog that is using Alloy 3.2.0 and when in the blog editor the images for the topper will not delete to change it. The editor works fine when building a post the problem only occurs when editing the post.

Are you saying the image file is not deleted from the post or the server? Alloy never deletes images from the server in case you’ve linked to them from elsewhere. This prevents Alloy from removing something you may be using else where.

If you’re saying the image is not removed from the post – Can you give me a step-by-step to replicate your problem?

Thanks for the answer. The image that I need to delete is on the post.
Step-by-step - to I need to edit a post and open the editor online and then click on the edit button next to the target post. Next I try clicking on the red “x” in the Topper upper right hand corner … and that’s where nothing happens.
Also, if I try to upload a replacement image, again nothing happens.

I just tried this and everything is working as expected here. I’ll link to a video below for you to check out. I suspect something is amiss with your page or site. I’d check to make sure you don’t have any javascript errors being reported on that page. You might try stripping the Editor page down to just the basics, no frills, like seen in the Quick Start tutorial, removing any 3rd-party stacks from other developers to ensure nothing is causing a JS conflict.

As for the video I mentioned above. You can check it out here. I start with a new post, upload a topper, save the post, then go back in and edit the post, removing the image and re-saving the post. I do it more than once just to ensure everything is A-OK.