Alloy blog post OG tags

I’m having an issue with my blog post. When texting them or sharing cards doesn’t show the correct data. Here is my blog. Only twitter showed the correct data. Facebook and linkin dint.Also messaging with iMessage and WhatsApp shower incorrect data. I’ve read the old post about a similar issue but didn’t help me to solve it.Also, I had lots of errors when checking my SEO regarding canonical tags but if I’m not wrong I updated alloy yesterday and this was the fix hopefully. Thank you for your help.

On your ‘blog’ page, make sure the RW “Generate Social Tags” option is unchecked, or it will clash with Alloy’s tagging.


I have 1 more problem that may be easy to solve
Multiple Meta Description tags found! This error doesn’t exist on the blog page just on each article.
Thank you

You’ll need to let us know what meta tags are duplicated for us to be able to assist you.

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