Alloy Blog Posts use Server Name inconsistently


I am hosting my Homepage on a shared server. Because I am using CDN from CloudFlare I have to use a subdomain, i.e. www.domainname.xy instead of domainname.xy

The script calculates the server name in several ways, e.g. by using the URL configured in RapidWeaver (see the canonical meta tag) and via the environment variable $_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”] (see function curPageURL).

This becomes relevant when using Pretty URLs and might impact indexing by search engines like Google.

It would be great if you could adjust the script in a way that the server name configured in RapidWeaver is used consistently.

Alloy is detecting the URL in different ways where it is necessary to do so because of the limited information available to Alloy via the API. The method in which is does this cannot change in Alloy v3. This would need to happen in a much larger re-write.

It would be just one line …

Either we’re not talking about the same thing, or I’m not groking what you’re asking for specifically. That said, if you want to make a change on your end to the code on your server and run it that way, you’re definitely able to do so if you’ve got a good grasp of PHP. As for Alloy – I’ll be reassessing Alloy, how it works, and its future roadmap after the Foundry update I’m working on has released and settles in. If you want to detail for me in a direct message what you want I can assess it for a future Alloy update.