Alloy Blog Search Engine Visibility

I am curious if the blogs I create with Alloy are visible to the Search Engines out there. I have the description, enable robot meta tags, index this page, and follow links settings in RW enabled.
What is indexed in the actual individual blog that makes it searchable? The Title? Content?
Thanks in advance for any specific ideas.

Each link from your summaries page can be followed and indexed by search engines. They’re treated like any other link on a site.

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So it is the TITLE link of the blog that is indexed on the summaries page? Nothing else?

I don’t understand the question, sorry.

The Title of the Blog is what is indexed by the search engines? The rest of the content is not apparently.

No, that is not the case. The whole blog entry will be crawled by bots. Bots follow the links from the summary page to your full post.

Got it. Thanks. Still learning about SEO and such.

The next version of Alloy will contain more SEO stuff built in, so it’ll get even better.

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