Alloy blog stack working with Foundry 3?

ok stump the dummy … I am trying to upgrade my site to foundry 3 platform … most things I am able to get working… except my pages that use alloy blog stack… I thing I broke Alloy no content blog content displays on the page since moving to foundry 3…looking in the FAQ ND THE DOCUMENTATION not find any tips or how to for foundry 3

Have you updated Alloy? There is a new version available. And in that update there is a “shim” tool that needs to be placed on all alloy pages to bring the styling of F3. Also, there really isn’t an “upgrade” path so to speak. You basically need to rebuild the site with F3. You can use an existing Alloy blog page, editor page, but you must delete the F2 Control stack and replace it with the F3 Control tool and make sure the F3 theme is selected.

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If your Alloy tools, if you’ve updated recently, you should find a tool Called F3 Shim. If not update Alloy to 3.3.x and you’ll get that new F3 Shim tool. Add this to your pages that have the Blog Entires or Editor tools on them.

I blogged about this last week, which you can find here in this post:

EDIT: Seems @Steve_J beat me to hitting the Save button. :wink:

Also, as Steve stated, there’s no upgrading your page(s) from F2 to F3. You have to rebuild them as the two versions of Foundry are completely different under-the-hood.

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ok I have done that for my blog page installed the hm doe it need go in a certian place on the page>>

I have rebuilt the pages home page (alloy blog page ) no longer shows my blog period,
editor page works Editior | Welcome To The Thomas Family Site

so I broke something badly

I did rebuild the pages… my home page np longer shows my blog posts…
but the editor page works sort of
I have the sim stack on both pages

Alloy works just the way it did before nothing changes there so setting up your blog should work just the same. Make sure you’re pointing Alloy to your existing Posts and Image Uploads folders of course too. The F3 Shim Lott only provides cross styling for Alloy to pick up F3’s stylesheets.

sorry that is not what I am seeing I have verified all of the file folders names and locations… in the public_html folder has the proper sub folders for alloy , these folders have all of the proper files as well. so something is broke… I have not found out what yet.

Provide us a copy of your project file please.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply or send it in a direct message.

I have Alloy ver 3 and I don’t see a “shim” tool.

Have you updated to v3.3.1? If so be sure you’re looking in your main Stacks library and not any custom made Stacks library folders.

Where is version 3.3.1? I ran an update in RW and it said I’m up to date.

I don’y see a search bar to find Alloy v3.3.1.

Do you have a link?

Nevermind. I found it.

It’s not updating on rapid Weaver. Do you have a file that I could download to update this?

Can you clarify for me what is not updating? You mean Alloy is not updating inside of the Stacks Library updater? The more details you can provide me the better since I can’t be there to see what you’re doing. That said if you want to do a screen recording for me (CMD-SHIFT-5 in macOS) and post a download link to that video then I can see what you’re seeing as you do it.

here is the link via dropbox Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Alloy is not updating inside of the Stacks Library updater. I see that it needs the update. I click the update button. It says updating. I wait and wait and wait and it does not update. Everything else updated except for the alloy version 3.3.1. You’ll sit there for a little while. And then the update alert icon will have a little one (1) above it. Then I’ll do it again and no joy.

The updating button is still on since we’ve had a back-and-forth. Does it take a while to update?

it did for me about 15 mins

Well, if that’s true, maybe it’s because everybody’s updating at one time. I’ll just be a little more patient.