Alloy Editor - can't login

I can’t login to Editor using touch id on new laptop.
Touch id populates user name (admin) and password but, without any error message, the login window refreshes.
I still have the original hashed password if that’s any use

Alloy doesn’t interface directly with Touch ID. That is your laptop’s Keychain access that handles that password management.

If you’ve forgotten your password you can simply look it up in the Keychain app, or you can put the Editor back into Password Setup mode and re-setup your password using the same steps you used when originally setting the password. You can find those instructions here in the Quick Start video for the Editor.

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Thanks Adam
The strange thing was that I couldn’t find it in keychain access .
So going back to set up mode looks like the way to go

That is weird. Do you have 1Password perchance? Maybe you used that in the past? Either way, resetting your password in the Editor is pretty easy if you forget it.