Alloy embeds and blog posts are not visible


I made a very simple project to test Alloy’s embeds and blog.

Uploading the website to a Digital Ocean droplet with Ubuntu + Apache2 + PHP 7.4 (LAMP) both embeds and blog posts are not visible. What is strange is that the editor page works just fine but everything below the embed stack simply disappears.

The same project on DreamHost works fine but I’d like to solve the problem on Digital Ocean.

File/directory permission and apache configuration seems correct.

PHP seems to work, a index.php page with:


renders correctly.

I think is a server configuration problem but I don’t really know where to look anymore, any suggestion is appreciated.


Hi there Baleog,

Did you ever get around to finding out what was wrong? Im working setting up a site hosted on a pi with cloud flare ssl and I’m having the same problem! I have mariadB running and have everything configured correctly. I know it has to be server error but since my editor page is working fine and shows as well as allows me to see post but they don’t show up on my blog page with the entries stack