Alloy : ERROR: Invalid Username or Password!

I’ve set up an editorspage as shown in the tutorial video’s. I always get the message : ERROR: Invalid Username or Password!" I’m 100% sure I use the correct Username and Password.

Any suggestion to get it working ?

Hi @bartvosters – You’re positive that you followed the two Editor Setup videos on this page step by step? Alloy Tutorials

I ask only because I don’t have any way to check your password, even if I had the files in-hand, since they’re encrypted.

One thing you can do is to go back through the tutorial and use a simple password (no odd characters or anything) and see if it works for you that way as a test.

@bartvosters — did that solve it for you?

It did, but after a few days I couldn’t login anymore. I didn’t change a thing. Since then I try to set it up again, but I always get the same error message. I always used simple passwords. I tried everything but I can’t get it to work.

That sounds particularly odd. Once you create the password it is setup and does not change unless you change the hashed password in the project file. Perhaps something odd is going on with your project file, perhaps something odd is happening with your host (I doubt this one, but you never know).

Any chance you’re using beta software – RapidWeaver beta? Stacks beta?

Have you tried setting up a small test with a new project file and publishing it somewhere else (sub domain, different host, different folder, etc.) to see if the problem persists there as well? I’ve not had any other reports of anything like this.

I use the stacks 4 public beta

What about the rest of my post above?