Alloy generates weird URLs

hello adam,

i have checkt my URLs on Google with

I noticed that Alloy seems to generate URLs that do not exist at all.

For example

i just can’t explain why these URLs are created by alloy

@elixirgraphics * do you have any idea what it could be?

thx and regards from berlin

Alloy doesn’t create these URLs. That said, without knowing the ins and outs of how you’ve built your site it is hard to say. My guess is that it is related to the use of Pretty URLs and that somewhere you have a link (or more than one link) that the .htaccess rewrite is trying to redirect to. I’d check all of the links on your pages to make sure they’re correct and not pointing to URLs that are wrong or don’t exist.

hey adam,

i hope you had a perfect start into the new year. I would like to come back to this topic again.

because, i still haven’t found a solution for this issue…

in many ALLOY projects (with pretty url’s) will be generate URL’s, which I have never created.
some URL’s are shorter and others extremely long and very wierd … unfortunately i have not found any explanation why these URL’s are appearing and be listed in google index.

now I also found a URL at one of your projects …


now i hope when the “big project” is done - that you can invest some time again and find a solution for this problem.

I’m happy to take a look at your project file and .htaccess file. That said, like I indicated above in my reply from 5 months ago, it is likely due to the Pretty URLs feature and search engine bots trying to go down any and all paths it can think of. When using the .htaccess code for Pretty URLs, anything you put as a folder name after that blog/ folder in the URL will return a “URL” so-to-speak.

Obviously I don’t have a blog post on my site title “This is a test for tom” but if you use this URL it will lead to a page:

The reason being is it just interpreting this URL as via the .htaccess file. And just like the Pretty URL you can type anything you like after that ?id= in the URL. And Alloy is going to try and load a blog post of that ID.

My suggestion would be to disable Pretty URLs if you’d like Google’s bots to not try and follow those Pretty URL links. Or you could add meta tags to your blog page to disallow bots from indexing and follow links from the main page. Both valid options.