Alloy - hide image / text in a blog post


is there a simple way to hide lines of text or the topper image in a blog post? In my case I want to hide pictures that I used in older blog posts (so the blog overview doesn’t use too much screen space with all pictures showing), but I don’t want to remove the topper and topperAlt tags from the post, to be able to use them for future posts maybe. So I just need a way to hide them from showing.


Hi there @pumpkin – No, that isn’t a feature of Alloy.

Shame. Ah well, so far it works by adding a header tag in front of topper and topperAlt, or an extra t for that matter …

Be careful doing that. You’re likely to break many more things as that is not what Alloy is expecting.

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I’ll watch out. If I get problems, I’ll know what caused them at least :wink: