Alloy Image Upload Not Working

I setup Editor to be in a separate folder /Editor with the editor page index.php. I can add, edit any of the text. When I click on the image upload a Finder window opens for me to select an image. I click on the “Choose” button. Then nothing happens. I go to the server side “images-uploaded” folder and there is no file in there. Checking permissions, it says 755, and read, write, execute are selected.

To add more information from a different post that was requested:

  1. No error messages pop up
  2. Chillidog hosting is the web host I am using.
  3. PHP version 7.3.6

Any ideas why my image is not uploading?


Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 12.13.23 AM

Hey there @IdahoSAM – Have you checked to make sure you’ve set everything up as seen in the tutorial videos?

If you believe you have, then feel free to send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can take a look: adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Just took a look at the file you sent over. I see that you have a slash in front of your folder names. This is not how RW works. The folder name field is simply for the name of the folder. No slash should be placed within this field, whether before or after the name. Remove those slashes.

When I fixed this problem and uploaded to my server Alloy was able to upload and display the uploaded image just fine.

Be sure that after you fix these problems that you do a Republish All Files from within RapidWeaver.


That works. All these years of putting a /folder for a “subfolder”. I never had issues, so I never realized it with general websites that I used for our FamilySearch library. I learn something new everyday. Thanks for looking at this, and you’re right, the problem is now solved.


Glad to help, and glad that got it all sorted out. :+1::+1:

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