Alloy - max length Custom Slug?


short question: Is there a limit to the length of the Custom Slug?

in one of my blogs the length of the “custom slug” is limited and cut off after 60 characters … in other blogs I have “custom slug” up to 80 characters long.

where can I set the length?


First thing I’ll say before addressing anything technical is this – custom blog post slugs should be as succinct as possible, while remaining unique. This is a benefit of custom slugs.

As for a limit on custom slug length… Alloy does not have a built-in limiter for slug length.

Just to show there’s no built-in limiter I just saved a blog post, then went back in and edited the slug to make it a custom slug and entered this abysmally long string of words and saved the post:

No problem.

I suspect the problem is likely with whatever you’re trying to use as the slug. Please provide more information for us to go off of for troubleshooting this.

According to the specs, a URL can consist of a maximum of 2048 characters. That’s everything from the ‘h’ in ‘http(s)’ up and including the last character of the foldername (or slug in this case).

Do you have an extremely long path to your blog perhaps?


the crazy thing is that it’s only on this blog. on all my other blogs i can use more than 60 characters…

I have made a little video about the problem. i hope this helps.

I’m not seeing this problem here:

Please share that post’s Markdown file with me.

Also, when you make changes in that post, if you change the body or summary text or post title, are those changes saved?

i have imported an old backup from my editor. and found the reason for cutting off after 60 characters.

the transliterate filenames under “advanced” was enabled

now everything works again even with more than 60 characters.

Glad you got it sorted. I’ll go ahead and close this thread then. :+1: