Alloy: No images in Summary View

Apologies if this has already been asked as it is a rather obvious issue. When using a ‘conditional’ Alloy layout is it possible to have no Topper Image showing on the summary/category view but then have the Topper image display when you click the ‘read more’ button to show the full post? I cannot see how to adjust the topper visibility in the inspector.

Many Thanks.

No, that is not a feature. It is assumed that if you’re adding a Topper Image to a post you want it shown as a topper, which includes the summaries view.

Adam, as always thank you for coming back so quickly.

Would one workaround be to place an image into the body of the blog text at a point that falls below the selected character count cut-off for the summary display? The summaries would then show only text and the full blog would be made more interesting because they would have the image showing.

One final sneaky top up question. Do the blog images have to be in the ‘posts’ folder on the server or can they all be kept in a separate ‘images’ folder on the server?

Not a problem.

You could do it that way. It would require actively keeping that in mind for every post you write. You could just use the Topper Image and allow it to show in the summaries view. People like having nice things to look at. Draws them into reading your posts…

You CAN NOT place ANYTHING except for blog posts in the Posts folder. Ever. The Posts folder is for blogs posts, and only blog posts.

You’ll want to include an images folder somewhere to house all of your images.

Thanks again.

I’m getting the impression that the Posts folder can only hold posts… :slightly_smiling_face:

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In all seriousness – you’ll run into some problems if you start dumping other things in the Posts folder.

I’ll look at a toggle for the images in summaries as an option. It is doable, but I’m not sure whether it should be a thing or not.


@elixirgraphics I just want to add me to the list of people absolutely loving the idea of NOT having the Topper Image show in Summary View as an optional setting / toggle. Would save sooo much space in the Summary View list and the readers would still have the full beauty of a Topper Image when viewing the full post. :slight_smile: If you could consider this for a (not-too-far) update I’d consider buying Alloy…


Absolutely supporting such a toggle. I too would love the summery without images (or maybe only for the top / most actual entry).