Alloy on AWS S3 Bucket

Hi I run my site in AWS in a S3 bucket.
I just bought Alloy and wanted to set up a blog… When I published the Editor. and checked… it tried to download the index.php file… Well… It has to do that there is no real webserver in S3… only a passive bucket… Can I not use ALLOY?

Many more interactive stacks like blogging stacks need to execute code on the server and then send the results from the executed code down to the web browser. The code that does this on the server is called PHP, so your server needs to support PHP. Preferably PHP 7.4.

S3 is really just a basic file server (for serving files to the web). It’s not really a true web server and it does not have PHP, nor can it be installed. You will need to host your site on a server that has PHP installed and configured to run Alloy.


thank you for your swift reply. I know that… actually… I ran ExpressionEngine for years and am savvy in PHP etc… But… for cost reasons I run my site on AWS and I am looking for a solution that permits to post a flat file (on S3) but still somehow be able to work/blog online…
Probably I will either change the server from S3 to some Linux/apache thing that runs PHP again… I thought I had had it with PHP…
The built in blog tool is ok… in RW… but it would not permit third-parties work on the content…

You’re very unlikely to find this without php.

It really sounds like you need a blogging solution that either has an online editor or one that can pull in a flat file when generating the page. To do an online editor would require server-side code. I guess you could upload ftp flat files to the S3 bucket, but it would need to use javascript on the front end to pull in all of the blog content. All the solutions that I know of use PHP to pull in the flat files.

The other way would be to use a 3rd party hosted blogging platform and then pull the content into the RW site. That sounds messy and would likely cost more than a hosting account with PHP support. I really think that’s the way to go.

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