Alloy - online post editing, preview inside alloy and the browser result

Hi Adam,

I just happened to create a nother blog post and - for the first time - used the preview inside Alloy. I happen to get different results in the preview compare to the published post when it comes to line breaks.

Please watch the screenshots, where it says “Inhalte:”.

This is what it looks online in edit mode:

Using preview it looks the same:

But when it’s published it look like this on the website:

So I got used to use <br> to do a line break. Same again. Here’s what it looks like in edit mode:

And here in preview:

And here the published result with the use of <br>

Is this the expected result? I thought what I see in preview is what I see when I published it. That’s not the case.


Hi there @pumpkin – The preview is close, but the in-editor preview is a slightly different Markdown parser. I don’t have control over the preview parser. That said you don’t need the <br> in there, just hit return after your **Inhalte** line. Any time you want things in Markdown to be separated and not inline you need a space between them.

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Hi Adam,

thanks for you reply and explenation. I don’t get the result I want though when I use an extra return to seperate the title from the content. If I want the content to start right below the title, without an extra empty line (I suppose you mean that when you say space?), I don’t see a way to achieve that without the use of a <br> after the title.

Please, do not use a break tag when writing with markdown. It is not necessary at all. Go to original creator of Markdown, John Gruber and read his explanation of it. Also, you can see the source of his posts on his site, that will help you.

In order to have the <p>Your paragraph here tages</p> all you need to do is hit the return twice.

The editor that you use here for the forum uses Markdown and you can see that the formating is correct for a paragraph or any other element.

Header Element

A header will also demark a new paragraph and automatically place the required space between paragraphs and the header itself.

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Thanks Steve. I’ll switch to using small headers instead. Looks even better that what I tried. And the link is very helpful indeed.

If you do a double RETURN, the indent will not carry over, using <br> it will:

It may not be the result you’re looking for, but you are supposed to have a line between your header and your paragraph, otherwise they’ll be treated as one “object” and you’ll have your header inline with your paragraph.

What you’re referring to is a separate situation and not related to the Header / Paragraph topic that the original poster was asking about.