Alloy-Page not visible

I also licensed ALLOY :-)))))) and did a first little test.

My problem is that the page is displayed locally (preview in Safari) correctly (without blog entries), but the web server displays only a blank page.

Ask for a hint what I’m doing wrong. Permissions?

Best regards

Hi the @Gerhard — Does your host offer PHP for your account? If so, what version are you running? You’ll need v5.6 at a minimum.

If it doesn’t offer PHP or they don’t have it installed you will not be able to use Alloy as it is a requirement.

If you do have PHP running on your server and it is v5.6 or newer, then I’ll move to my next question — did you follow through the tutorial videos step-by-step when you setup Alloy? If not I would suggest going through the tutorial videos, following along with them as you set it up.

Hello Adam,

  • Installed PHP version on the server is 7.0
  • I have worked through “all” tutorials :slight_smile:
  • as I said, the page is displayed locally in the “Safari preview”.


Are you running MAMP on your Mac? I ask, because without it Safari should not be displaying the PHP.

That said, if you send me your project file I can have a look and publish a test to my server.

Also, if it is available to you, try updating to PHP v7.3.

Hello Adam,

I could clarify that was a wrong webspace info regarding PHP.

With the main domain the provider PHP 7.0 is activated, with the subdomain only PHP 5.4.x was activated

After correction, the page will now be displayed correctly.

Thanks for your support
Best regards from Austria

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Glad to help, and glad you found where things went wrong.

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