Alloy pages not showing up on published site

First post so I apologize in advance if any glaringly obvious mistake was made by me.
I have reworked my site using Foundry, Thunderpack and Potionpack.
The site is
I have today added a Blog page (called Immigration news) and the Alloy Editor.
The pages show up in webmode and in simulation but despite seeming to be published, they dont appear in a live browser.
Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 14.03.04|690x384

Many thanks in advance


Hi @Colms2005

Unfortunately a sole screenshot of your server’s folder’s isn’t going to be enough to troubleshoot this. Can you provide the following items so that we can better help:

  • a link to the live site.
  • email a ZIP file containing your project file (the file you open in RW to edit your site) to adam at elixirgraphics dot com
  • let us know what version of PHP your server is running

Note: if the project file is larger than 4mb or so, be sure to send it using a service like Dropbox, or something similar.

Everything sorted, much appreciated.

Thanks for your emails. I am glad you got this all sorted out.