Alloy Posts Delayed


Does anyone know why Alloy posts would take a long time to post on the blog page? Either they take several hours to display, or they don’t show-up at all. Thank you!

Hi, can you check using an incognito window to see if the blog article is shown after publishing and not the normal browser window?

Hello, Yes I tried that, but it’s still doing the same thing, but thanks for the tip!

Alloy does nothing to prevent posts from being displayed immediately. They only thing Alloy allows to change this is draft and future posts, which I’m assuming you’re not using. This leads me to assume server side caching, such as CloudFlare or a similar service.


OK. Well, I’m glad that it’s not Alloy, as I really like the program! I’m checking with my web host to see if it might possibly be server-side as you mentioned. Thank you!

If you login via FTP and look in your posts folder you should see any posts you’ve properly saved in that folder. Alloy simply loops through them all and loads each file’s content when the page loads.

I will do that and check in that folder. Thank you!