Alloy Recent Posts


I’m new to Foundry and Alloy but loving it so far.

I am using the ‘recent posts’ stack on my home page and I was hoping for more customisation options. For example, displaying the most recent 3 posts in 3 columns so they are side by side rather than the more basic list.

Is this being developed as part of the roadmap?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how they’ve customised the look and feel of this more?

Thanks for the help.

Hi there @Creator84 and welcome to the community!

This has been suggested here on the forums several times. The Recent Posts stack will eventually get some added features. Different layouts though may be a stretch. We’ll have to see how it goes. I don’t particularly want to develop a secondary Blog Entries stack. I’ve got updates to the Recent Posts stack jotted down in my internal notes for a future update.

Right now I’ve got several other projects that are actively being developed. Once those ship I can swing back around to Foundry and Alloy though and have a look at feature requests such as this.

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